Security Tips

It is a fact that public security has gone down in our city during these years -more than 5- of economical crisis, but is not so bad or dangerous as the Press would tell you in many occasions when they show the events here. IŽll give you some tips in order to make sure you wonŽt run any unnecessary risks, and will enjoy your visit to Mexico City in a secure environment.

DonŽt do it

You can do it

Never catch a taxi with two doors only (mini-taxis), be sure to use a 4 doors cab and to stop them only in busy areas or, what is the best, at your hotel front door. If you rent a car, be sure to lock the doors always, just in case...

Catch a taxi in a Sitio (site) by your hotel or call the 55 16 60 20 to ask for a Radio-Taxi to the place you might be then. Is a very safe and efficient service all around the city area and is available 24 hours.

Do not carry big amounts of money with you while walking on the streets, or expensive jewels; do it only if you are going out with friends or with persons who live by the city and know you wonŽt be running any risk. Never take someone who insists too much to go to your place inmediately; take your time to know the person you are with and to be sure heŽs hot for you, not for your belongings.

There are very handsome and hot boys in chip places like "El 14", where the young military guys go, and theyŽll let you know inmediately their intentions. If heŽs a hustler, heŽll tell you for sure, but if heŽs looking for a nice time youŽll find it out. Run the risk if youŽre sure of him, and do not forget your condoms and to have a nice breakfast the morning after. If you are the kind of guy who would like to ensure a good company with an escort guy, then go to Sergay Special Galleries and contact him from now.

DonŽt do it

You can do it

Using or carrying any kind of illegal drugs is frobidden in Mexico.

Enjoy Mexico clean and sober!!..., and you can also use the Metro (subway) service, which is one of the best in the world.

Do not leave your valuables in your hotel room; be sure to lock them in the hotel security box.

Get the SERGAY magazine, which is available for free in all the gay bars, to know the current events you can chose to go.

Boring is forbidden in my city.

Enjoy Mexico City!!!!



If you happen to need some emergency call, in Mexico we do not have the 911 service with those numbers; instead, you can call to:
  • 020   National Long Distance Service and Operator

  • 031   Wake up Alarm Bell

  • 030  Exact Time

  • 040   National Directory Assistance

  • 060   Mexico City Police Departament

  • 080   Emergency and Help (Ambulance, Fire Departament)

  • 090    International Long Distance (Operator)