Having breakfast at Sanborn´s "Los Azulejos", located by Madero Street and Eje Central Lázaro Cárdenas, just beside the Latinamerican Tower, is a great idea if you are planning to visit the wonderful Historic Center of the city. This particular place was one of the most exquisite houses in the colonial City of Mexico. All the Sanborn´s shops are a great concept of shopping, because you can find a nice restaurant, photo shop, magazines, drugstore and much more in only one place. Also, all the Sanborn´s magazines section are so gay.

If you like exclusive and expensive places, then having breakfast in any of the restaurants along Mazarik Blvd., at Polanco Area, is a great idea. It is a very nice area where you´ll see handsome guys an nice people, and great shops to buy Art, clothing or expensive jewellry.


Walking and shopping by the Zona Rosa or Polanco, art galleries and restaurants by these areas, or closer to downtown you can visit the Museo Nacional de Arte (National Art Museum), by Tacuba Street or the Palacio de Minería...., or just walk around to enjoy many beautiful colonial buildings and plazas.

You can also visit the National Museum of Antropology*****, the Rufino Tamayo Museum, the Modern Art Museum***** or the Castle in Chapultepec area. If you like photos, is a good place for shooting.

Walking by the Alameda Park and the Martí Plaza (very gay in the morning and evening) is also recomended for those who would like to have an early encounter. If you decide to go to Tacuba Street to take a look at the Central Post Office, don´t skip to have a delicious lunch at Café Tacuba, a svery nice and healthy place to try mexican dishes. Don´t forget to go inside the Fine Arts Palace (Palacio de Bellas Artes) and see the mexican Art Nuvo architectural style and the wall paintings of Rufino Tamayo.

If you are the kind of guy who doesn´t stop to do exercise, then to ride bicycle or to work-out by the 2nd Section of the Bosque de Chapultepec, kind of early in the morning to see nice guys, of course, could be a nice activity to do. Skip it by the weekend, because this park is full of people those days. Also, and if you are staying by the South side of the city, you can have a ride by the National University (UNAM) fields, and take a look at the beautiful mural paintings and the Sculpturic Space (Espacio Escultórico) . If your hotel has a Gym, don´t forget to work-out!!!, we want to see your beauty here...

Walking and shoping by the Historical Center (Centro Histórico), visiting the wall-paintings of Diego Rivera at the National Palace, the Cathedral and watching the many colonial and prehispanic buildings all around the Zócalo area. There are very nice restaurants (I would recomend: La Casa de las Sirenas, Ciccero Centenario, Majestic Hotel Restaurant, El Cardenal, La Opera, Bolivar 14, México 1800, Círculo Vasco, Centro Catalán and Hotel de la Ciudad de México´s Restaurant).

Walking by San Jacinto Park, at San Angel, to see the contemporary painters and the Bazar del Sábado (only Saturdays), where you´ll find all kind of handicrafts and popular mexican art. Plaza Loreto is a very nice mall by the area, where you can meet nice guys, see popular concerts and performances, or have lunch in a very nice environment.

Take a tour to Morelos State (few miles from Mexico City), to Tepoztlán town, to Cuernavaca city or to Tequezquitengo lake. Beautiful weather and nice guys. Morelos is in the way to Taxco, Guerrero, where you can buy silver and beautiful artcraft. Cuernavaca is great to be by the weekend and to know Las Mañanitas, famous   traditional restaurant.

Take a tour to Teotihuacán piramids, 45 minutes far from the city, because that can be a very exciting experience. Do not forget your camera!!, is one of the most beautiful prehispanic places in this part of Mexico. I prefer Maya, indeed!, but you can only see it in museums or going to the Southeast of Mexico.

Shopping at the Ciudadela Plaza, Mexico city´s popular market, where you´ll find handicrafts from all around the country and very low prices.

Don´t miss visiting Santa Fe area and its shopping center. Have a ride by Las Lomas area, to see their beautiful houses and to visit La Mancha Café (straight).

Going to Garibaldi plaza to hear some Marichis, drink tequila and having a good time: few blocks from here is located El 14, young soldier´s favorite place, where you will see many beautiful latin-mexican type guys.

You can take a look of the art and cultural programs in the newspapers (we also have in english The News), for we have a very intense and full of quality cultural activity.


Baños San Juan (Baths)

López No 120, Centro, by Metro Salto del Agua

Todos los días / Daily

Tel. 5 21 33 76

Baños Finisterre (Baths)

M.A. Contreras No 11, Col San Rafael, by metro San Cosme

Todos los días / Daily

Tel. 5 35 87 59

5 46 59 41

Baños Señorial (Baths)

Isabel la Católica No 92, Centro

Todos los días / Daily

Tel. 7 09 07 32 y 7 09 31 20

Masajes en el vapor individual

Centro Cultural de la Diversidad Sexual

(Cultural Center)

Colima 267, Roma

Tel: 55142565


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